Retirees Association

 Email Accounts for Retirees

Retirees now have access to WVU email accounts

President Gee would like retirees to be very active and very much engaged. One way to stay engaged is through email contact and President Gee has made it possible for all retirees to have WVU email accounts. You can use the following links to access your account. To learn more about retiree email accounts, see the Retiree Email FAQs on the Information Technology website.

If you have an active ID, you can sign on to your email account as follows:

For Health Sciences retirees, you can access the Office 365 Sign-In at the following link: HSC sign in.

For General University retirees, you can access the Office 365 Login screen at the following link: Sign on.

If you do not have an active ID, you will have to claim your account. To Claim Account or to see the User Guide documentation, click on the following link: Activate account.