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Reflections of Italy

Italy Tour
April 5 - April 14, 2017
Reflections of Italy Tour

Our Italy trip began in Rome and continued through Assisi, Perugia, Siena, Florence, Venice, and Milan for the next ten days.  Our group had a wonderful time (that's us above in Perugia).  But the good things started even before we stepped on the plane. 

Collette provided limo service from Morgantown to Pittsburgh and WVU Parking allowed us to leave our cars in the garage at Mountaineer Station. 

RomeAs retirees, the Office of Global Affairs was able to cover us under the International SOS agreement which meant that we had emergency help (including evacuation) at our fingertips if needed at no cost to us. 

Our flight to and from was perfect.  No delays, no rough weather, no lost luggage, no strikes in Italy (that's us in the Rome airport).  The weather in Italy was prefect all week - no rain and lots of warm days and nights. 

TreviOur tour manager, Daniel, was amazing.  He added special stops to our tour (like Trevi Fountain) and rearranged visits when we got cancelled out because of Easter preparations.  We didn't miss a thing and saw lots more than was in the brochure - like Trevi, the Pantheon, a tour inside a monastery, and the overlook in Florence (see photo below).  The tours were fascinating, the food was fantastic, and the wine was flowing. 

TwizyOur driver, Antonio, was gifted.  He navigated through tiny streets packed with tiny cars and scooters (like the Twizy - one seat up front and a baby seat in the back).  And he drove up switchbacks to mountaintop towns and the monastery - which was really tricky when another car started down the same switchback.  

Our traveling companions, our retirees and others on the tour, were convivial, inclusive, open to new friends and experiences, and fun.  Always ready for a good time.  They helped make the trip amazing!