Retirees Association

 Monthly Luncheons

Samantha GiftThursday, June 22, 2017
Monthly Luncheon

Samantha Gift from the West Virginia Alzheimer's Association presented information about the association and the local chapter along with resources that are available in the area.  We learned that one way to stave off dementia is to remain socially active.  The Retirees Association can help you do that.  Join us!

Seamon LawThursday, May 25, 2017
May Monthly Luncheon

At our May monthly luncheon, Doreen Seamon from Seamon Law Offices gave an excellent presentation on estate and lifecare planning.  She has a way of explaining planning decisions that clearly outlines the options.  Thanks, Doreen

Thursday, March 23, 2017
March Monthly Luncheon

Angela VanDeysen, representing Brent Van Dysen, an elder law attorney, made a presentation about protecting your assets from the high cost of nursing home care.  Angela's focus was on planning your estate while you are in good health; choosing a protected home ownership option, and that it's not too late to plan even if you or your spouse is in a nursing home. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016
October Monthly Luncheon

Rebecca and Phillip Burton from Summit Brokerage Service, Inc. made a presentation regarding Protecting Your Most Important Asset: Your Family.  Their focus was on the consequences of not having a plan for extended care; developing a plan to mitigate those consequences; and what will pay for that plan.